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NHRID Interpreter Retreat
March 24 - 26th

What an amazing weekend!!

Thank you everyone who attended and thank you 

to everyone who made it possible. 

The last minute change of location ended up being the best!! 

Please send any pictures you took to   or

Certificates of attendance have been sent.

If you are missing anything, please contact Jola.

Documents from individual workshops will be sent asap. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Thank you for attending with open minds and open hearts. 

I am so inspired by the dialogue and support seen throughout this past weekend. 

I will keep in touch with everyone as soon as this week simmers. 

I know we were all headed into a busy week. 

Remember to breathe, drink water and reach out any time. 

Much love, 

NHRID Leadership Team & Retreat Committee 

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Group Pic 2.jpg

Workshop Cancellation Policy
Revised 8/18/2016
Updating soon*

If a workshop hosted by NHRID is cancelled for any reason by NHRID, registrants will be provided a full refund.


If a registrant wishes to withdraw from a workshop and submits the request in writing before the registration deadline, the registrant will be provided a full refund.


Registrants who withdraw from a workshop after the registration deadline do not qualify for a refund but may qualify for a credit to a future NHRID hosted workshop.


NHRID understands that emergency situations can arise. If anyone is unable to attend a workshop and would like to request a 50% credit for a future workshop, they must submit an explanation in writing. Requests must be received no more than 2 weeks after the workshop has taken place and will be reviewed by the Professional Development Committee. If a credit is awarded to the participant, it becomes that person’s responsibility to present it to use for a future workshop. This certificate is void 2 years from date of issuance. All correspondence shall be sent to

Continuing Education Units

To maintain certification, each Certified member must complete educational programming that is documented by earning at least eight (8) CEUs every four (4) year cycle.  A minimum of six (6.0) CEUs documenting the equivalent educational work must be in Professional Studies. 

More information: here.

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities

NHRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities.

NHRID members are allotted one free PINRA per year. 

$10 processing fee for additional requests


Non – NHRID members must pay a $20 processing fee for each request


More information from RID: here.

To get in touch with our amazing NH CMP Sponsors, please connect with the Board




NHRID is committed to the professional development of ASL interpreters who live and/or work in New Hampshire.


Scholarships are available to cover 50% of a Workshop/Professional Development's registration fee, up to $100. 


Who is eligible?

  • NHRID Member

  • NH Licensed Interpreter

  • Local ITP student

Please submit the Scholarship Form below to be connected with the Scholarship Committee for next steps.

Scholarship Form: here 

Returned Checks

$50.00 service charge will be levied on all checks returned/bounced for any reason.



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