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About Us


Mission Statement


      The New Hampshire Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NHRID), an affiliate chapter of the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc., is a nonprofit membership association with a charter to promote interpreting excellence by working toward a national standard of quality. It is the mission of NHRID to work together with the Deaf community in meeting the interpreting needs of New Hampshire residents by enhancing the quality and availability of American Sign Language/English interpreters. In order to accomplish this goal, the organization shall strive to:

  • promote the highest standards of integrity and performance of interpreters

  • encourage continued professional growth and development of its members

  • foster a respect and competence of cross-cultural interaction

  • advance an understanding of the profession and issues related to the process of interpretation

  • lobby for key legislation in the NH State Legislature on bills affecting Deaf rights and the sign language interpreting profession



      NHRID’s primary goal is to encourage the professional development of interpreters. We fulfill this goal by:

  • advocating for the advancement of the interpreting profession

  • lobbying for key legislation in the NH State Legislature on bills affecting Deaf rights and the interpreting profession

  • providing workshop opportunities for interpreters in an effort to promote the advancement of interpreting skills

  • educating the public on the use of interpreters and ethical standards of the profession

  • providing opportunities for networking with colleagues

2024 Leadership Team

Board positions rotate on a biennial basis.

Nominations are due prior to (or at) the

June General Membership Meeting:

Group 1

(odd year - 2023):

Vice President



Group 2

(even year - 2024):




Thank you Derek J. Foddrill for the time and energy spent getting this website started! We appreciate your contribution to our NH ASL Community!
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